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Re: Kernel mode setting and xf86-video-intel

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 11:01:05AM +0200, Brad du Plessis wrote:
> Hi all,
> From my understanding, from xf86-video-intel version 2.10.0 onwards
> the driver will not work without kernel mode setting.

That's what I'm hearing too, that and "GEM".

> If this is
> indeed the case, are there any plans afoot to support kernel mode
> setting in netbsd?

None that I'm aware of.

However, it appears that OpenBSD has quite recently gotten support for
intel GEM (a non-trivial prereq of KMS).

So, it would appear that porting to NetBSD may now be easier than we
thought it would be.

        Jonathan Kollasch

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