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Mouse behavior with mga(4) on 5.0.2


I upgraded an i386 system from NetBSD 4.0.1 to 5.0.2.  The machine
contains a Matrox G550 AGP card, and I'm using its DVI output.

With XFree86 and its mga(4) driver, the mouse movement was very "choppy"
when using the DVI output.  Using the Matrox driver [1] fixed the

I see the same behavior with Xorg on 5.0.2.  The Matrox driver doesn't
work out of the box.  After some tinkering I found that doing

  # cd /lib
  # ln -s

and starting X using something like

  # LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib /usr/X11R7/bin/startx -- -ignoreABI

does work and gives me back a usable mouse.

This is, however, a kludge.  I'm wondering whether the mouse issue with
mga(4) is a know problem and whether there is a better solution.  I've
put the dmesg output and the Xorg log at


All hints are appreciated!

Best regards

[1]  <>

Dr.-Ing. Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                   <>
Public key at <> (ID 0x1614A044)

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