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re: New Xorg on sparc64

   for the records - I got it to compile, added some missing bits to  
   NetBSD's SBus support code so I could at least get the rest of the  
   Xserver going with an ffb and then fix libpciaccess ( which is  
   currently horribly broken on most non-x86 ports )
   So far Xorg -configure gives a usable configuration but when actually  
   starting the Xserver I get this:
   Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
   0x000000000013f3f8 in dixLookupPrivate ()
   (gdb) bt
   #0  0x000000000013f3f8 in dixLookupPrivate ()
   #1  0x00000000001ee04c in SecurityExtensionInit ()
   #2  0x000000000014fe80 in CallCallbacks ()
   #3  0x00000000001eed8c in XaceHook ()
   #4  0x000000000015f29c in AllocARGBCursor ()
   #5  0x00000000001eab14 in XFixesCursorInit ()
   #6  0x00000000001e7bdc in XFixesExtensionInit ()
   #7  0x000000000019ff70 in InitExtensions ()
   #8  0x000000000013fef4 in main ()
   Same with both sunffb and wsfb.
   Before I dig deeper - any ideas anyone?

can you build with symbols to find out exactly where it's crashing?


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