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re: Xorg server with radeonhd / igp rs780 on amd64 -> blank screen

   Recent Xorg changes/imports made the radeonhd driver only 'displaying'
   a blank screen (== black, no signal) on my amd64 machine.
   Attached Xorg.0.log does not look disastrous to me.
   I can stop/kill/restart the xorg server w/o any problem. Kernel and
   other apps seem to run flawlessly beside this problem.
   The vesa driver works to some extent (color (palette) handling seems
   broken after switching vt's or after using some apps like mplayer).
   The radeonhd driver _before_ these xorg changes/imports _was_ working
   on my amd64 machine (asus mb m3a78-t, igp rs780/hd3300).
   Is this WIP? More info to provide? Send-pr?

hmm, it should work.  i haven't tried the new radeonhd driver
yet.  i'll see about doing that on my hd3650 card.


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