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re: Updated drm code

i have merged arto's work with netbsd -current.

i've tested it on a radeon 9000-m card (r200) and it works
fine.  infact, it works better -- glxgears got a 20% speed
up.  i haven't pushed it hard yet.

i also tried a radeon x1550 (r515 iirc) but it still was
not working properly for me.  it's better than last time
i tried, in that the mouse is correctly displayed and i
can see xterm borders and some other twm window decorations
but the xterm contents and the root window are both

thanks to arto and fun!

everyone else, please update and test :-)  you'll need to
use "options DRM_EXTERNAL" in your kernel config.

this is the first time external drm has worked for me on
the radeon cards i've tried.  it may be time now to retire
the old drm code from the tree... after more reports of
success turn up.


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