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Re: imake tmpl files and libXp

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 10:01:28PM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> In article <>,
> Perry E. Metzger <> wrote:
> >
> >libXp is gone from the X11R7 stuff now in base. I've just fixed a couple
> >of pkgsrc breaks in packages that still use imake by removing some of
> >the libXp references from the X11.tmpl file. Should I do the same for
> >the Motif.tmpl file?
> I guess. Make sure that it works with the latest openmotif code.

It would not fix the compile problem. See pkg/41424 for the compile error.
At least <Xm/Xm.h> has to be fixed, but that may not be easy.

I found
, but that seems not be enough because of the second error in pkg/41424
in Xm/Xm.h which I think is not fixed by by the sed command in the url above.
XPContext is definded in <X11/extensions/Print.h> and so that needs to be
removed too.

I search the bug database for openmotif and couldn't find an open bug for
the Xprint problem. I think opening a new bug at
should be done so they can fix that first.


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