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re: Dualview with Geforce 7300 TS -- is it possible?

my experience with xf86-video-nv in dual head mode is not so great.

i have a dual 1600x1200 lcd setup and i can't get it to work at the
native resolution with two heads.  one works fine.  both, they only
work at 1280x1024.  i've been in contact with aaron plattner (the
most recent most active developer of this driver) and he says that
in dual mode it only works with the vesa modes supplied by the
monitor/card, and that it won't work how i want.

it clearly *can* work, because i had that setup working fine with
linux and the binary "nvidia" driver.  my attempts at hacking Xorg
and the xf86-video-nv sources haven't been fruitful yet.


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