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Re: xsrc dri patch

Yorick Hardy wrote:
Attached is a patch to fix some problems with the xorg dri modules.
The patch does the following:

 1) Add include directories to external/mit/xorg/lib/dri/libmesa/Makefile
    so that the dri modules and libmesa use the same struct GLcontext.
Otherwise they are different and programs such as glxinfo may experience
    segmentation faults.

 2) Make libmesa an installed shared library (module). This code is shared
by all the dri modules and results in a saving of roughly 1.8MB per module.

 3) Adds the appropriate dependencies to external/mit/xorg/lib/dri/

I think at least the include directories in libmesa/Makefile and
dependencies in need to be added for the dri modules to
compile correctly.

Is this acceptable?

Thanks Yorick, I finally got around to testing it and it works like a champ on i915drm+amd64. Great work!


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