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x11r7 with old packages


with my new i386-5.0rc1 & X11R7 install

I installed a bunch of packages that were built for 4.99.73 around
september time IIRC but am having trouble with fonts and libraries.

Obviously, the packages were built to use X11R6 which doesn't exist. The
libraries that are not found seem to be present just in a different path
and the system should know where to find them I guess.

I've copied over the X11R6 dir & contents from my old machine and that
enables most programs to work at least - icewm displays text, firefox
displays text but gthumb, evince and gimp only show boxes. perhaps its

I'm going to build packages anew with the new system over the next few
days which I anticipate will of course fix it, but I'm wondering if it
ought to have worked anyway?


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