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Re: xorg for alpha: it's there !

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 01:22:03PM +0100, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> I got our in-tree xorg to work properly on alpha.
Great! Now I need to dust off my PWS500au.
Thanks. :-)

> I tested the
> glint, mga, s3, s3virge, tga and vga drivers on both PWS500 (ev56, non-BWX)
> and XP1000 (ev6, BWX) platforms.
Nitpick: The PWS500au is EV56 and EV56 has BWX. EV5 has no BWX.

> Now before alpha can be switched to xorg we need to support the
> turbochannel video adapters driven by XdecNetBSD or XalphaNetBSD.
> I think the easiest would be to convert the kernel drivers for these
> to wscons and use xorg's wsfb but I've not way to test this. Any
> takers ?
You live in Paris France? I live in Germany. As this is all EU shipping
should not be too hard. So I am willing to donate a DEC3000-300X with a
set of different TC framebuffers to you if it helps. I may throw in an
AlphaStation 200 in too. (It is a 166 MHz EV4 machine.)

If remote debugging is enough: I have a remote debugging facility and I
can add those two machines to it. This remote debugging facility is used
by other NetBSD developers already. I may be able to connect a display to
at least one of those machines and a camera looking at the display.



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