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MesaLib 7.2 ?


I'm new to the list. I'm coming next to the read of the thread concerning
7.4 on NetBSD :)

> Oops, forgot the patch.  Also, you can download
> Mesa{Lib,GLUT,Demos}-7.2.0.tar.bz2 (the .0 is the pkgsrc patchlevel,
> as these tarballs are built from the 7.2 branch and not the release) from:

Could you please explain to me how i could build MesaLib 7.2.0 ?
I've tried copying it to the distfiles directory and to edit
graphics/Mesa/Makefile.version, but It doesn't work. 

I had to rename the files to remove the patchlevel (.0)

And then, the build fail (*** No rule to make target `glcontextmodes.lo', needed
by `../../../lib/'.  Stop.)

So I believe I've done some mistakes and I search for a correct way to get it
work :p

> Please do keep me "in the loop"; I'd like to get this working ASAP so
> I can use it during drm development.

The reason I'm looking forward MesaLib 7.2 is that this new version brings newer
ATI chips support (especially R500) thanks to the radeon free driver.

Also, I've added support for R500 chips to the radeondrm driver yesterday, by
hacking sys/pci/drm/* files (thanks to the OpenBSD code ;))

A microcode (radeon_cp.c and some other mdoification in other files) and PCI IDs
(drm_pciids.h) need to be added.

I got a DRM device and dmesg | grep -i drm gives great output, so I'm confident 
with my
modification. If anybody is interested I would purpose a patch, for testing 
only. But I think I
have too few knowledge to be useful in any point to the developpers and the
netBSD project !

Please tell me how I could get an updated Mesa :)

Thanks in advance,



Sébastien BOCAHU - zecrazytux
zecrazytux @ #labo-linux #labo-linux.bsd @

Please avoid sending me files in proprietary formats,
such as microsoft word or excel.
Please use open standards instead (for example, pdf).
Plain text is *really* appreciated !

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