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Re: Native xorg on macppc and sparc64


On Oct 11, 2008, at 10:03 PM, Tyler Retzlaff wrote:

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 01:28:25PM -0400, Michael wrote:

things seem to work so far - there are a few things in MesaLib's DRI
code that need to be patched but otherwise it looks ok. I can't really
try it on this G4 though since the r128 driver isn't built yet ( I'll
give it a shot on my other boxes later on ). Anyway, Xorg -configure
produced a mostly sane xorg.conf.

i'l check out r128.


- why do we build the vesa driver on macppc? It makes no sense on non-

no sense at all. if you find any that don't make sense for a platform
you're working on nobody will complain if you .if ${MACHINE} them out
of the build.

Ok, I'll shrink that list. There are a few others that have practically no chance to show up in a mac ( or non-PC for that matter ). What we really need is just all ati, nvidia, matrox, chips & technologies, tdfx on macppc and ati, all the sun stuff and permedia2 on sparc64. Plus wsfb on both. Although, maybe we should build the matrox driver on sparc64 as well - xfree86's mga driver was able to use a cold Millennium II on sparc64 with some hacking ( mainly PCI access stuff, no x86 emulation involved here )

have fun

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