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why the heck was a tagged part of the CVS repo moved behind closed doors!?!?!?

It seems that on or about July 28 the xsrc/xorg directory in the CVS
repository was quietly moved without any notice that I can remember
reading or now find subsequently.

My rsync log of 2008/06/28 shows many lines like:

        deleting xsrc/xorg/xserver/xorg/xkb/xkmread.c,v

and then my "cvs update" log shows:

        START:2008/06/28-06:14:08: cvs update /work/NetBSD/xsrc-4

        cvs update: cannot open directory /cvs/master/m-NetBSD/main/xsrc/xorg: 
No such file or directory
        cvs update: skipping directory xorg

        DONE:2008/06/28-06:16:22: updating /work/NetBSD/xsrc-4

That working directory was checked out as follows:

        cvs -d /cvs/master/m-NetBSD/main co -r netbsd-4 xsrc

I.e. the now missing sub-directory had a valid NetBSD _release_ branch
tag on it!

I don't care if the directory was meant to have the release branch tag
or not, mucking about by hand in the repository inevitably breaks
things!  Mucking about without telling people what's going on and why is
really bad!

Now I'm going to have to do some hacking in my copy of the repo just to
find out if I had any changes in my netbsd-4 working directories that I
want to keep.  Grrr.  Assuming I can even find copies of the original ,v
files to use....

                                                Greg A. Woods

H:+1 416 218-0098 W:+1 416 489-5852 x122 VE3TCP RoboHack 
Planix, Inc. <>       Secrets of the Weird 

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