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agpgart driver

My name is Dee Sharpe.? I am currently researching the *BSD agpgart driver as 
well as the one from Linux and any other OS's driver that I can find.? From 
reading the source code agp.c, it seems as though agp_generic_bind_memory() 
allocates memory from the OS.? Why is this the case?? Shouldn't this function 
be solely focused on binding the memory that is provided in the agp_memory 
structure?? Also, shouldn't agp_generic_alloc_memory() be the only part of the 
driver that worries about memory allocation?? I am asking these questions out 
of interest and I'm looking for understanding, because I would like to port 
your driver to Syllable.? Syllable has a relatively primitive memory management 
system, so a lot of the techniques used by the *BSD OS's will not be usable by 
us.? Also, any help or guidance that you can give me to help me bring this 
driver to life is greatly appreciated.

-Dee Sharpe

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