Subject: Re: bug in libGL? was Re: pthreads, Xlib and me ...
To: None <,>
From: leon zadorin <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/16/2007 00:56:33
On 4/16/07, leon zadorin <> wrote:
> It seems to lock only once in that method (line 970):
>         LockDisplay(dpy);
>         switch( supported_request ) {
>             case 1:

and, of course, if double unlocking (e.g. lines 1004 and 1007, or 1004
and 1074) is to be somehow justified by a possible
external/previous-to-line-970 lock being sometimes expected (on the
dpy) then the double unlocking should also be conditional - meaning
that *unconditional* double unlocking may only be predicated on
previous *unconditional* double locking being present which in itself
makes no sense because if one is *always* expecting dpy to be locked
before line 970, then why lock it again at line 970 ? Besides, the
AllocAndFetchScreenConfigs appears to be called only frome one place
in code (__glXInitialize)... well I am starting to make no sense
myself... time to sleep...