Subject: Re: libGLU in mesa-dri
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/15/2007 23:07:15
On Sun, 15 Apr 2007 16:34:28 -0400
"Blair Sadewitz" <> wrote:

> Is there a reason libGLU is being built in this package?  All existing
> pkgsrc packages depend on graphics/glu, and libGLU depends on libGL.
> When I've used this package, I SUBST_SED out all references to
> -lpthread and remove glu and glut/glx from the list of build
> directories.  I know this isn't strictly on-topic, but please, you
> will avoid a whole lot of headaches if you don't link *ANYTHING* in
> Mesa with -lpthread (it has to be removed from
> src/mesa/drivers/dri/glcore/Makefile in addition to in the configs).
> Then, make sure libX11 is built WITHOUT the X thread stubs and not
> linked to -lpthread.  XTHREADLIB should be set to "-lpthread", though.
>  This way, the NetBSD thread stubs will actually work, and everything
> will be automagically thread-safe.
> By my lights, we should switch to individual packages for each
> library.  Moreover, we should completely scrap the Mesa-provided build
> system and use our own BSD makefiles.  OpenBSD's Xorg build does this,
> as does our own xsrc.
> It might even make sense to package Mesa's GL headers seperately,
> perhaps even generating a pkg-config file (see mk/
> for an example of this) for them so that we could pull them in when
> x11/glproto is outdated or otherwise insufficient.

As you may know this package is a hack... I made it very quickly just
for testing. Now that you know how to make things work properly, why
don't you send a patch with all required changes to graphics/MesaLib?


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