Subject: Re: drm on amd64 (drmMap failed)
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Xning Lee <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/05/2007 21:45:14
Xning Lee <> writes:

> "Blair Sadewitz" <> writes:
>> This is exactly the same problem I had on amd64; I've since switched
>> to i386 (for reasons other than drm; linux compatability on amd64 for
>> EMT64 processors is broken).  Could you file a PR for this, please?
>> Thanks,
> The issue of 'drmMap failed' on amd64 because the function
> 'udv_attach' of /usr/src/sys/uvm/uvm_device.c can't accept address
> offset value more than 4GB: (the type of 'voff_t' is int64)
correct: more than 0x7fffffffffffffff