Subject: Building OpenChrome driver
To: None <>
From: Jan Danielsson <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 09/14/2006 14:34:22
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   Let me first point out that I am a complete newbie with regards to X
and its drivers, and related technologies. I'm running (from
pkgsrc) on NetBSD/amd64 3.0.

   I have a VIA UniChrome chip on my mother board that I wish to use. I
currently use the VESA driver, but it's slow and - AFAIK - will only
allow 1024x768, and 60Hz vertical refresh rate -- which gives me a head

   After searching around, I found _two_ relevant open source drivers.
For no other reason than "my instincts tell me to go with this one" I
chose the OpenChrome driver.

   The OpenChrome project is located at:

   Now, I know very little about X, and its related technologies, so I
would _love_ if someone who knows X could check the OpenChrome home page
for 60 seconds and search for any potential buzz-words which immediately
imply "This is Linux specific, so Just Give Up And Don't Even Think
About Getting It Compiled And Running In NetBSD".

   What exactly is "xvmc"? On
I am instructed to compile "openchrome", and then "libxvmc". And there
are referenced to xvmc support and mplayer, which sound like something
I'd be interested in. But is "xvmc" required? (The reason I'm asking, is
because more Linux-oriented friends of mine have informed me that there
are a bunch of X driver interfaces (DRI, DRM, XGL, etc..) and some of
these apparently are highly Linux-specific).

   After editing some source files, and changing to a hardcoded absolute
path to drm.h in some file, I managed to get a binary compiled.
The libxvmc, however, I never got so far with. Can I use the
driver? If, so, how? Do I simply copy it to the relevant directory, and
edit the xorg.conf to use the "via" driver? (I don't want to run "make
install" since I'm not sure what it will do with me system).

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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