Subject: Re: who is using modular
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 05/25/2006 10:09:36
> I imported it a while ago, added the missing bits and pieces to make it work
> on sparc64 ( because that's my main work horse and 64bit problems are more
> likely to show up on BE machines ) Seems reasonably stable so far.

Thanks for the info.

Do you plan on commiting upstream? Or submitting via 

I made a patch based on your changes and I could probably commit some of 
it, but would want to make sure it doesn't break non-NetBSD. For example: 
"Hide mouse cursor on exit, don't blank screen before mmap()ing registers" 
-- Is that specific for NetBSD?

I also saw some things that simply commented out definitions which may 
break OpenBSD too.

Please let me know if you want me to submit all your changes (that aren't 
in upstream already) to bugzilla.

> Saw your posts on the xorg mailing list - I fixed the X vs. X0 problem 
> locally ( not sure if I committed it, I'm in the middle of moving ) - 
> the socket is getting the wrong name length, one too short so the 0 is 
> cut off but the unlink() call gets the correct name ( with trailing 0 ) 
> so the socket is not deleted.

I didn't see that committed, so if you can please do so. Thanks!

I have also been defining _POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS, but I wasn't sure 
about (and didn't test) some older NetBSDs.

 Jeremy C. Reed

echo '9,J8HD,fDGG8B@?:536FC5=8@I;C5?@H5B0D@5GBIELD54DL>@8L?:5GDEJ8LDG1' |\
sed ss,s50EBsg | tr 0-M 'p.wBt SgiIlxmLhan:o,erDsduv/cyP'