Subject: who is using modular
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 05/24/2006 19:12:42
I see that modular was added to NetBSD.

Anyone using it?

Today for the first time I finally have a working X server (using mouse, 
keyboard and "via" driver) with modular on NetBSD/i386 3.99.18.

I committed a few minor fixes required for NetBSD to Xorg's xserver at

I have most components I use installed via pkgsrc-wip or pkgsrc packages.

I still need to package up the xf86-input-mouse, xf86-input-keyboard. 
xf86-driver-vesa, xf86-driver-via. And I am using xorg-server direct from CVS (not from pkgsrc-wip).

I am just curious ... since xorg is in NetBSD CVS ... is anyone actually 
using it?

 Jeremy C. Reed

echo '9,J8HD,fDGG8B@?:536FC5=8@I;C5?@H5B0D@5GBIELD54DL>@8L?:5GDEJ8LDG1' |\
sed ss,s50EBsg | tr 0-M 'p.wBt SgiIlxmLhan:o,erDsduv/cyP'