Subject: Re: xorg / XFree86 / configure problems
To: Paul Compton <>
From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 05/16/2006 12:06:18
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> My problems are all associated with configure scripts, and as far as I 
> can tell relate to x11 installation issues, hence the post here. My 
> desktop architecture: AMD Athlon XP with 1.5GB RAM. XFree86 (native 
> sets) and KDE 3.5.2 built from source.
> If I try to install a simple tarball manually (i.e. not as a package), 
> I continually come up against a problem that the QT headers cannot be 
> found during configuration. I have only tried this on minor packages, 
> such as theme engines for KDE, and a couple of small userland apps.

Did you get QT from pkgsrc? If you did you should set QTDIR to 
/usr/pkg/qt3 or point the configure script of whatever package you're 
trying to build to wherever your QT installation is ( usually 
- --with-qt=/some/path )

> Can the problem be a result of using the XFree86 native sets rather 
> than installing x11 from pkgsrc?

Extremely unlikely.

> Is there something simple that needs to be done here?


> Coming from the Linux world I am more familiar and comfortable with 
> xorg these days, and have wondered if switching to xorg may resolve 
> these problems.

Even less likely.

> But what is involved in making the switch: do I have to recompile all 
> my x11-dependent packages, including KDE?

Only if you replace the client libs and even then most things may just 
continue working.

> And should I then remove the native sets once the change is made? Or 
> would this change not solve my problems anyway?

This change won't resolve your issues.

> Ok, lots of jumping-off points, but my basic problem is getting 
> packages to compile for one or two apps that are not in pkgsrc, and 
> being able to install smaller scripts without creating packages. I 
> would be grateful for any pointers.

Figure out what exactly is failing where exactly and why exactly. Most 
configure scriprs write more or less detailed logfiles ( config.log ) 
which should tell you what went wrong. It is very unlikely that this is 
a problem with X itself.

have fun
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