Subject: Re: That old bugbear alpha_video.c
To: David Hopper <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 05/12/2006 12:51:50
On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 08:36:21PM +1000, Daniel Carosone wrote:
> On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 09:41:29PM -0700, David Hopper wrote:
> > where in the past our in-tree copy of  
> > XFree86 4.5.0 compiled fine on Alpha using 'make World' (see PR  
> > 29882), it now takes a number of gross manual hacks to get it to  
> > produce a server binary (PR TBD). 
> Hm. It's very likely the case that it's been quite some time
> since anyone tried building in-tree X11 this way, let alone on
> alpha.
> However, the code builds, and cross-builds, just fine via the
> src/x11 build infrastructure, and with MKX11=yes.

It does not, at least not in 3.0 . Where "the code" means the XFree86
server that you need to support modern graphic cards.

> Autobuilds and releases are done this way all the time.

Autobuilds and releases do not include the XFree86 server.