Subject: Xwsfb
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From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/24/2006 14:23:46
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since this topic keeps coming up now and then...
It would be nice if we had a truly hardware-independent Xserver. Sure,
there's XFree86 with wsfb but something smaller, standalone might be

That said, whe almost have an Xwsfb - take a look as Xmacppc. There are
two macppc-specific bits in it:
- grfioctl.h, used to find out which offset to mmap(). Should usually be
  0 anyway. No idea why it's there at all, memory-mapped PCI ranges
  must be at 0x80000000 or higher on Mac hardware so offset 0 won't
  conflict with anything else we might want to mmap.
- the keyboard code only supports ADB and USB. Adding support for other
  keyboard types isn't hard - a translation map should do it. PS/2
  keyboards with their funky multi-byte scancodes will need a little
  more work but code for that is already in XFree ( although a clean
  rewrite might be less painful )
So, none of these are really platform-specifics.

Getting this to work on - say - a Krups shouldn't take more than a
weekend so it's a bit small for a SoC project. The same thing should
work on anything using wscons on a bitmapped display device.
I already got Xmacppc built on sparc, just removed the grfioctl.h
dependency. No idea if or when I'll get around to do the keyboard
hacking, if someone beats me to it that's fine.

have fun

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