Subject: Re: 3.0/cats X server on 3.0/shark
To: None <,>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/21/2006 23:19:07
In article <> wrote:

> > Unlike macppc and sparc, shark uses VGA mode 3 (i.e. text mode)
> > for its console like i386. Can Xwsfb handle it?
> No, we'd have to add a mode switch to the kernel driver.

Umm, I'm afraid it's much more difficult because
there are too many quirks to handle VGA mode registers.
Actually I spent many hours when I tried to implement
vga_subr.c:vga_reset() to get VGA mode 3 before consinit
on my arc Express5800/240 with the cirrus GD542x.
(though shark port could use OF commands to switch VGA mode)

In article <> wrote:

> We can always switch it to use igsfb(4) (just kidding ;).

Heh, yes, I agree it's right way to have all graphic chip
specific drivers ;-)

> CyberPro driver would be a nice thing to have.  The card is in the
> Netwinder too.  Are there any docs sample code on how to write an
> xfree driver?  Everytime I look at X sources (especially the infamous
> compiler.h) I feel like I've drank a six-pack of cursed potions of
> confusion.

There was an Xfree86 3.x server for shark IGS written by DEC:
so the only thing we have to do is porting it to XF4 IIUC,
but maybe I miss something.
Izumi Tsutsui