Subject: Re: Unmapped key on my ibook late 2004
To: mushroom.dargent <>
From: Michael <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/26/2005 16:46:37

> pc105 and kbd fixes the problem for one key but I have still a problem
> for two keys. The first key is not really important : it is the fn key
> ( the key "between" left-ctrl and left-shift ), the  second is the key
> "slash backslash bar" ( cool feature on an unix :)) which is between
> tab and the "1" key.  

The Fn key is handled by the keyboard controller and at least here it
works as expected - it switches to pseudo-numberpad mode. The key left
of 1 and above tab is labeled with a paragraph here and you're right, it
doesn't get translated. I'll have a look, this should be easy to fix.

have fun