Subject: Re: Unmapped key on my ibook late 2004
To: Michael <>
From: None <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/24/2005 01:40:49
> No use to me, I don't do You're a bit ambiguous - first you're
> talking about XFree, now all of sudden it's - which problems do
> you have with which Xserver? We did quite a few fixes in NetBSD's own
> XFree ( in xsrc, not the one in pkgsrc although most should have been
> imported into the official xfree86 source ), many of them
> keyboard-related. Please check if your keyboard problem goes away with
> NetBSD's xfree and the kbd driver.

Sorry if I was not clear. The first problem I reported appears on a Xfree
4.5 from xsrc. In a second time, I try to use Xorg from pkgsrc ( to see if
they are some improvement on kbd by chance ) but I expected the
second problem. Don't bother yourself with the second problem : I don't
really want to use xorg, just want to see if it solves my first problem.

Thanks for your help.