Subject: Re: DRI [was: Re: more summer of code fun]
To: Michael <>
From: Jonathan Perkin <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 06/07/2005 07:21:30
* On 2005-06-06 at 23:44 BST, Michael wrote:

> I think there are already some patches out there to compile the
> radeon module for x86 via src/x11, no idea if that's in the cvs tree
> though.

I worked on it last year and got it working:

but never committed as I felt it was rather hacky and didn't know
whether it was the correct approach.

I'm really glad to see someone else working on it, as I ran out of
time soon after finishing my patch and began work on getting the main
DRI tree to compile on NetBSD.


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