Subject: Re: XF86 wsfb driver and wscons ioctl
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Roland Dowdeswell <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 01/22/2005 15:12:18
On 1106415429 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Jason Thorpe wrote:

>> But I don't think it can be handled by dumb wsfb driver.
>> Some wscons drivers already have {copy,erase}{cols,rows}()
>> functions for wscons/rasopos with hardware support, so
>> I just guess they could be easily used with the same API by dumb wsfb.
>Perhaps add ioctls that map to the {copy,erase}{cols,rows}() methods of 
>the kernel driver, and add a bitmask describing which of them are 

I was thinking about this a while ago, and determined that you'd
probably need to be able to batch requests into groups for the
performance improvement to exceed the system call overhead.
Something like a writev(2) interface that defines command packets
would be interesting, I think.

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