Subject: Re: Questions about (setting up) X on NetBSD v1.6.2/i386
To: Ib-Michael Martinsen <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/18/2004 17:49:21
>  > Maybe you don't know that there are no kernel drivers for serial mouse,
>  > only for the serial port. There is an userspace driver (a daemon), called
>  > moused. If you get it to work, mouse should work in X11, if the
>  > Xserver is configured to use wsmouse. Look at the moused manual page,
>  > you'll need to tell it the serial port device and the mouse type (it has
>  > some autodetection capabilities which could help you with that).
>  > 
> Actually I vaguely remembering doing this in the past, maybe when I
> was running NetBSD on an Acorn RiscPC with a StrongArm
> processor. Anyway after starting the the moused daemon and configuring
> X correctly, X and the mouse is now working. Thank you for refreshing
> my memory.

I'm glad to have helped you. The disappeared PS/2 port is still strange.

Bye	Pavel