Subject: Re: X11 on iBook G4: flickering screen
To: Matthieu Herrb <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 06/25/2004 00:27:13
Matthieu Herrb <> wrote:

> Try the attached patch (from Rene Rebe, Rock Linux)
> It fixed the similar problem many people had on iBooks under OpenBSD.

That indeed fix the problem. Thank you for the hint (if someone is
walking on my tracks, rebuild X11 with this patch and copy the
radeon_drv.o file, and you get X working on the iBook)

I'm a bit concerned about what it will produce with an ATI Radeon on a
PowerPC machine other than thez iBook. Will that work? The patch has not
been committed to XFree86 CVS, I assume that's the reason? 

Is it reasonnable to commit that change?
Emmanuel Dreyfus
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