Subject: Re: X11 on iBook G4: flickering screen
To: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 06/24/2004 16:47:32
Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:
>>>Try the attached patch (from Rene Rebe, Rock Linux)
>>>It fixed the similar problem many people had on iBooks under OpenBSD.
>>That indeed fix the problem. 
> I spoke too fast. X works well, but when X quits, it leaves a black
> screen, the console won't work at all. Do you have another magic patch
> for that one? Otherwise I'll investigate...

Did text mode restoration work before ? On my iBook G3 800 it never 
worked, leaving with that scary melting screen effect.

You may try to backout the last part of the patch which if I understand 
things right only affect restoration of the text mode.

I think this patch is safe, but I'm not really authoritative about drivers.