Subject: can't build x
To: None <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?C=E9sar_Catri=E1n?= C. <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 05/22/2004 09:08:58

I am building X with the help of, but:

     create  dynamic/WrBitF.d
     create  dynamic/Wrap.d
nbmake: don't know how to make Wraphelp.c. Stop

nbmake: stopped in /home/cetrox/src/src/x11/lib/X11/dynamic

*** Failed target:  dependall-dynamic
*** Failed command: targ=dependall;dir=dynamic; case "$dir" in /*) echo "$targ ===> $dir"; cd "$dir"; /home/cetr
ox/src/src/tooldir.NetBSD-2.0_BETA-i386/bin/nbmake "_THISDIR_=$dir/" $targ; ;; *) echo "$targ ===> $dir"; cd "/h
ome/cetrox/src/src/x11/lib/X11/$dir"; /home/cetrox/src/src/tooldir.NetBSD-2.0_BETA-i386/bin/nbmake "_THISDIR_=$d
ir/" $targ; ;; esac
*** Error code 2

nbmake: stopped in /home/cetrox/src/src/x11/lib/X11

I would appreciate some help.


Cesar Catrian C.