Subject: Re: Status of DRI
To: Tyler Retzlaff <>
From: Miguel Mendez <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/25/2004 15:11:04
On Sun, 25 Apr 2004 10:32:25 +1000
Tyler Retzlaff <> wrote:

Hi Tyler & the rest.

Thanks a lot of the answers so far.
> + The dri and drm modules both build and load.
> + The mga lkm builds and loads and reports that it's working but there
> appears
>    to be some problem with the interaction between the 2D driver and
>    DRI I never did figure it out. (wouldn't mind help either)
> + no other lkm's build though mrg was working on the radeon lkm.

That sounds very interesting. ISTR that Eric Anholt was also doing some
NetBSD DRI stuff apart from his FreeBSD work.
> If anyone gets serious about this I'm happy to answer questions on the
> src/x11 side of things i.e. how to turn it on, how to add a card other
> than radeon and mga etc..
I've done some kernel hacking (mainly on the VFS side of things), and am
fluent in C/C++/asm. I'd be interested in contributing whenver possible.

	Miguel Mendez <>
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