Subject: Re: Fonts are ... suboptimal
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Tyler Retzlaff <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/13/2004 22:22:24
On Saturday 10 April 2004 22:00, Martin Husemann wrote:

> 	# use as much of base xsrc install as possible
> 	PREFER_NATIVE=  MesaLib Xft2 Xrandr Xrender expat fontconfig    \
> 	                freetype2 glu randrext render xcursor yes

No flame, but one comment I happen to agree that the pkgsrc default for these 
vars suck.  I have complained but was ignored/not heard.  I'm told the 
detection of native items is a problem that will be fixed after the the 
pkgsrc branch (which has come and gone).

> So, my questions to you all:
>  - how are we going to proceed with this mess?
>  - can we make a knob to leave out all true type support and fonts when
>    building X?

I would be happy for there to be a knob for this, no time to actually do it 
myself though.  I'l look at patches if someone else wants to do it.