Subject: Re: makestrs & release MKX11=yes
To: Tyler Retzlaff <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 02/04/2004 13:11:34
[ moved to tech-x11 ]

* Tyler Retzlaff <> [2004-02-05 02:52:58 +1100]:

> > I'm looking for the category to file a PR against for something under
> > src/x11.  Doing a parallel build of src/x11 fails because a host-tool
> > "makestrs" does not get built early enough for the make target 
> > "include-libs". Arguably, it should be moved from src/x11/lib/Xt/
> > into src/x11/tools/.
> Moving it to tools seems sensible to me.  I'l deal with this tomorrow
> providing someone else doesn't get to it first.

There is also gen_matypes in x11/lib/OSmesa that should be moved too.

> As for filing PRs related to src/x11 I'm not sure where is appropriate
> I suppose toolchain may fit, but others may feel more strongly about
> where they should go.