Subject: Re: no nroff pages for X11
To: Perry E.Metzger <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/14/2003 11:34:22
On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Perry E.Metzger wrote:

> PR 23726, which I just submitted, notes that although we install the
> formatted X11 man pages, we don't install the nroff for them
> (i.e. /usr/X11R6/man/man* are empty).
> If anyone cares to fix this, it would be appreciated.

The last time this came up, I was told we didn't install the raw man
pages because they had to be run through "neqn" and "tbl". I just did
a grep over "../xsrc/xfree/xc", and the only ".TS" and ".EQ" tags are
in a handful of files in the "doc/man/X11" directory (...and they do,
indeed, like terrible without "neqn" and "tbl").

All the files there, though, think they live in "3X11", not "3",
anyhow. So, all that has to be done, is to, first of all, add a line
to our ".../etc/man.conf":

_build          .3X11            /usr/bin/eqn %s | /usr/bin/tbl %s | /usr/bin/nroff -msafer -man

and also add "3X11" to the search list for "/usr/X11R6/man. Then,
set LibmanSuffix to "3X11" in (or perhaps "3x11"  or "3x",
anything but "3"), and also add lines to the InstallMan* macros in to actually install the raw pages. Finally, of course,
adjust our sets lists.

The bulk of the effort will involve building and rebuilding the whole
tree to make sure everything falls in the right place. I don't think
we have to worry about ".../src/x11" just yet -- this will get a lot
more complicated once it's announced that that's supported.

I'm not volunteering. I've got "things to do" in my mailbox that are
approaching a year old, and I and really want to get to them. Hope
this helps somebody.