Subject: Re: Compiling xfree
To: David Howland <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/19/2003 17:59:36
On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, David Howland wrote:

> 1) I use this command to get the sources:
> cvs -d $CVSROOT update -rnetbsd-1-6 -PAd xsrc
> but as I just found out, there are actually two sets (xc, xfree/xc).  What
> would be a better command so that it only took everything in xsrc/ minus
> xsrc/xc?  It would save space and time.

It's not going to save you that much time and space, but you could do:

    cd /usr/xsrc			# or wherever you put it
    cvs -z3 update -rnetbsd-1-6 -Pd  Makefile contrib local xfree

a) Don't do "-A" after "-rnetbsd-1-6"; it cancels it out.  b) You only use
of the name of the top-level directory for checkout, not update. c) You'll
want to use compression on ISDN or less.

> 2) There doesn't seem to be any documentation on about how to go
> about compiling and installing from xsrc.  Am I blind?  If so, please slap
> me
> and then gimme a link.
> 3) following from #2, just what is the proper command/procedure for
> building?
> just "make build" in xsrc/xfree/xc?  do I have to install it or cleandir?

"make build" in ".../xsrc". There are only a few variables and targets at the
top level, and they're all described in comments at the top of "xsrc/Makefile".
There's not much to it. Moreover, it'll be obsolete when work is completed on
the integrated toolchain build, so don't ask for more documention. ;-)

> At the moment my machine is NetBSD_1.6.2_RC2
> thanks for any help

You didn't say what port you're running. Not all have switched to XFree 4,
though the majority have. If you're on one of those that haven't switched,
you could check out "xc" for "xfree".