Subject: freetype vs freetype2 in current/xsrc ?
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/06/2003 11:01:39
I've just re-synced /usr/src and /usr/xsrc to current state, and I am now stuck
in a hell of X11 logging-to-the-end-of-the-disk. I don't yet know why, I've had
this from time to time in the past. I think X11 has some tight select() like
loop which doesn't cope well with other process/IPC/network eof() state, and
justs logs, and repeats until killed, or the disk fills. Server side. Typically
fired off by Mozilla. Kill client, the cycle ends, but it can re-start at

One of the early logs is that its freetype can't handle my installed .ttf fonts.

I've followed an older (this year) thread on this, and I'm installing freetype2
from the pkgsrc tree, but I wondered if others were finding that the base x11
install we've got right now has had a regression failure come in? I am pretty
sure I haven't had this problem for a while. (I am suspecting that I did a
freetype2 install, and re-installing xsrc/ has smashed this. If thats the case,
could it be time for us to make x11 have real dependencies on discrete external
libraries like freetype/freetype2 and not have it internalized? Or, should we
deprecate separate pkgsrc/ for these things?)

Also, I seem to be very exposed to the value of maxusers in my kernel. I'm on a
laptop, and I had to boost it to 128 to get round 'too many processes' messages.
(previously I've been on 64) -Has some kernel sizing stuff changed recently?

Finally, suze_linux needed an update. It made me notice that we're sort-of
drifting behind the linux cutting edge in library terms. I guess there never is
a good time to re-sync on a linux emulation state. :-(

I know by now some of you will recognize another abysmal end-user vague problem
report. I hate it when I send these "it seems to be taking a backward step"
messages, I don't mean to cause any problems for you.. just more information in
the field of noise..

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