Subject: about ati M6 LY
To: None <>
From: Serge Basterot <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 11/04/2003 14:03:57
Hi everybody,

I've installed  some days ago NetBSD  1.6.1 on an iBook  but I can't
get my video card  working. It's an ati radeon M6 LY.  I think it is

With  XFree  4.2.1,  with   xsrc.tgz  and  with  XFree  4.3  sources
recompilation I got always the same error message :
xf86MapVidMem: could not mmap screen [s=80000,a=90000000] (invalid argument)

I also  tried with x*.tgz from  releng but server shut  down after I
see mouse cursor in twm. The log was :
(II)XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Mouse1" (type: MOUSE)
Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap
(II)Server_Terminate keybinding not found

I add  to the XF86Config  the option "XkbKeymap"  "xfree86(fr)" (for
french keyboard) but the result is the same.

Did someone get this video card working ? And how ?

Thanks you,