Subject: Diamond Viper 330
To: None <>
From: D. E. Evans <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 08/14/2003 16:07:07
I've had problems with my Diamond Viper 330 since the
implimentation of XFree86 4.1.  The nv driver does not recognize
my chipset, and errors out (though it worked fine with 4.0).  I
have to use the vesa, which has some display problems, but is

I am currently using XFree86 4.3 from the  I also
tried 4.2.1 (?) from the NetBSD 1.6.1 CD, and a compiled version
about a month ago from xsrc.  The XFree86 version broke with 4.2.
Also, recognize that the card is a PCI card, not an AGP card.

I have sent multiple emails to this list for assistance, but so
far, haven't got much help.  I keep getting told, upgrade,
upgrade, upgrade, but to no lasting result.  Plus, I've noted
that I'm not the only one that has complained of the problem,
according to the mailing lists.
D. E. Evans <>