Subject: Re: VMware vs. various X servers
To: Sporleder, Matthew (CCI-Atlanta) <>
From: Marton Fabo <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 07/17/2003 19:53:38
Sporleder, Matthew (CCI-Atlanta) wrote:
> Did you try upgrading your X using xsrc?
> (I know this doesn't approach either of your problems)

Well, I'd like to start VMware on the (headless) NetBSD machine without 
user interaction, but with the possibility to connect to it remotely 
from time to time, but without affecting the session it is running in. 
So, VNC would be perfect for this, as opposed to an X session on the 
console. For this reason, tracking down the XFree86 vs. Riva128 problem 
isn't really worth it for me.

> Otherwise, VNC has always been very sensitive to resolution changes for me.

 From VNC's point of view, this isn't really a resolution change, 
because VMware is running in a window under VNC, not taking over the 
entire VNC screen.

> You can run vmware natively on netbsd 1.6.1

How do you mean that? It runs in Linux emulation. Other than that, as 
mentioned above, running it on the native NetBSD X console isn't the 
best way for me.

> Its interaction with vnc is not something I would really want to experience.  ;)

Well, I feel similarly regarding e.g. tracking down XFee86's problem 
with my video card. Especially that I only found a few problem reports 
on the web regarding this issue, but no solutions or succes reports.