Subject: Fw: [XFree86] XFree86 (4.3.0 RC2) tagged
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 02/18/2003 12:48:51
Probably people on this list know this anyway, but for those like me who
wonder what the release-cycle timings are for 4.3.0 ...


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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 21:11:48 -0500
From: David Dawes <dawes@XFree86.Org>
To: devel@XFree86.Org, xfree86@XFree86.Org
Subject: [XFree86] XFree86 (4.3.0 RC2) tagged

XFree86 snapshot (aka 4.3.0 RC2) has been tagged.  This is the
second release candidate for 4.3.0.

The change log, which summarises what has changed since the previous
snapshot, can be viewed at <>.
The source can be obtained from the XFree86 CVS repository (see
<> for details).  Binaries for a few platforms
will be made available over the next day or two.  They'll be at
Online documentation will soon be available at

Please reports bugs here, and send bugfixes and documentation updates
to  The updated 4.3 release schedule is:

   Code freeze (critical fixes and doc updates only)    21 Feb 2003
   Last submission date for doc updates                 25 Feb 2003
   4.3.0 tagged for release                             27 Feb 2003

This schedule will stand providing no critical problems are found in
the meantime.  If you are aware of any serious bugs that are still
present in this snapshot, please post details here.

Taking some time to review and update the documentation is strongly
encouraged.  If you have something to add to the release notes (it should
contain a summary of new features and known problems), please send it

David Dawes
Release Engineer/Architect                      The XFree86 Project
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