Subject: Re: XFree86-4.2.1 build with 1.6N
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 02/16/2003 13:16:21
In article <1045241028.24742.5.camel@casey225>,
	mel kravitz <> writes:
> Anyone try installing 4.2.1 from
> with -current(1.6N) and, Xthreads.h changes in place?

It work's fine for me.

> I seem to have a 'screwed up' font issue in any program running
> in X, (xterm font, mozilla etc...).[alpha 164LX box]

NetBSD-i386 here. Is XFree86 4.2.x supported for NetBSD-alpha at all?
So far only i386, x86_64, macppc and cats use it by default.

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler