Subject: Re: XFree86 4.2.0 server crashes
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 03/27/2002 09:44:05
Martin Husemann <> wrote:
> Not quite: the typical setup (IIRC the one we install by default since quite
> some time, including 1.5) is:

> # cat /etc/ 
>       machdep.fpu_present,

Oh, I didn't know that.

[You easily miss such things on a NetBSD installation which started with
 NetBSD 1.0 in 1995].

> This will make XFree 4.2 fail.

In this case a pullup of Frank's changes into the 1.5.3 release is really

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler