Subject: Re: Backout XF 4.2 for now?
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 03/04/2002 08:26:21
Ok, I still see no concrete pros, but see below.

> 1.) The problems won't vanish if we don't fix them.
> 2.) You can downgrade your CVS tree if you want to run 4.1.0.

We will hopefully have a release soon. Depending on branch/tag policy
for xsrc this will bring us to a point (more or distant in the future)
where we need to decide what X to ship with the release.

We will have a 1.5 branch release very soon - which xsrc will we shipping
with that? Is xsrc only tagged for the release or is it properly branched?

> The problem is related to the module interface. Just remove the font renderer
> modules and GLX from your configuration and it will work stable.

No, the crash I and some others are seeing is not related to the module
interface. It happens for a static X server too (that's how I'm trying to
debug it, but xsrc is a real mess and quite huge).

FYI: the crash (Floating Point Exception) I see is in:
XAAFillPolyHelper at xaaWideLine.c:229, called from
XAAWideSegment at xaaWideLine.c:430 (*lefts and *rights seem garbled, with
very large negative heights, but I have no clue why)

Disabling XAA will probably help with this crash, but that is no viable
option vs. downgrading to XFree 4.1.

As you see I'm actively trying to *solve* the problem instead of defining it
a non problem by backing out the import. I don't have much time I can spend
on that and most of that time I can't risk my Xserver to randomly crash.
I'm unfamiliar with xsrc, and for me it is not easy work (I prefere hacking
inside the kernel). So I'm sure I will find it someday, but not soon.

I don't want to discrediate the work happening in xsrc, I realy like it!
Maybe my original message sounded to harsh, I apologize if this is the case.