Subject: Re: Issues with NetBSD-current and XFree86 >= 4
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Chris Gilbert <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 06/24/2001 14:14:45
On Saturday 23 June 2001  6:19 pm, Sean Davis wrote:
> Hi, I'm having some really annoying problems with X on my NetBSD machine.
> The machine is a 533mhz Celeron, with 512MB of ram, and a Riva TNT2 Vanta
> AGP video card. I am leaning towards XFree86 4.x as opposed to 3.x because
> it performs far better on this machine (first tried XF86 4* in FreeBSD, but
> the speed improvement argument still holds true in NetBSD).
> I've built XFree86 4.1.0 from source and installed it, and as far as I can
> tell, everything works wonderfully, except for an oddity with wscons. When
> I start X, it comes up fine, I don't have any problems running it, but when
> I exit X and go back to console, my text display is about 2/3rds dimmer
> than it was before. If I go into and out of X again, I can't see console at
> all, and have to reboot if I want to see anything.

Which source?  The version in xsrc or downloading tgz's from xfree86?  
Certainly I'd recommend using our xsrc version as it's been tweaked for 
netbsd more than the default versions, and it's probably the version we can 
best support...

The dim console text used to be an issue for me as well in 4.0.2, but there 
was some discussion on current-users back in Febuary (thread title XFree86 
4.0.* palette unfriendliness, started by Ken Hornstein)

It seems that XFree86 wasn't reseting the VGA palette registers when 
returning to text mode.  Probably best to read that thread.  It's certainly 
fixed under 4.1.0 using the tdfx driver on my voodoo 5500, perhaps it's a per 
driver fix?