Subject: Re: [I18n] Xutf* and friends
To: None <i18n@XFree86.Org>
From: Bruno Haible <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/21/2000 15:18:17
Noriyuki Soda writes:
> > The multithread-safetyness is indeed the crucial objection. How do you
> > address it?
> By adding few APIs which have explicit locale arguemnt.
> If XFree86 core team will take position to remove the Xutf8* APIs,
> yes, I will certainly send the patch.

If you send a sound API proposal for functions with explicit locale
argument, let us discuss it a bit on, and then
provide a reasonable patch for it, you can be assured that I will base
the Xutf8* functions on it.

If your functions then are more elegant to use than Xutf8* we can
remove the Xutf8* functions.