Subject: Re: [I18n] Xutf* and friends
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From: Steve Swales <Steve.Swales@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/20/2000 13:15:36
I can't speak for XFree86, but I can speak for X.Org, and the Xutf8* APIs are 
certainly not part of standard X, nor were they likely ever to be.  I regret 
that they were so precipitously put into the XFree86 release, and partially 
blame myself for not having pushed hard enough on the people over whom I have 
influence, to have this discussion before they appeared in the release.  As has 
been said, however, it's not too late to correct.  I'd also like to say that 
while I think these APIs are not the right way to go, I am pleased to see the 
community finally taking an interest in solving the many problems that are now 
being discussed, and I give my personal assurance that when good comprehensive 
solutions are finally found and agreed upon, I will not only encourage that they 
be integrated into XFree86, but I will also make every effort to drive them with 
all possible speed into the X11 Standard, and into the commercial 

-steve (X.Org Chair,
	X.Org I18N taskforce leader,
	Sun X11 and Platform I18N Manager and Globalization Strategist)

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>Subject: Re: [I18n] Xutf* and friends
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>> > Thanks for your offer.
>> > If XFree86 core team will take position to remove the Xutf8* APIs,
>> > yes, I will certainly send the patch.
>Robert Brady <> wrote:
>> I cannot speak for them...
>So, what is the XFree86 core's position about this issue?
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