Subject: Re: ATI problems
To: None <,>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/08/2000 09:33:59
> The problem is the X setup (as always), Our card is ATI Rage PRO 128
> which seams to need
> a driver R128. PCI data is Vendor 1002 and device ID 5046 and according
> to Linux kernel
> driver source its a 
> "	5046  Rage 128 PF
> 	1002 2000  Rage Fury MAXX AGP 4x (TMDS) (VGA device)
> 	1002 2001  Rage Fury MAXX AGP 4x (TMDS) (Extra device?!)"
> The Redhat is using XFREE 4.x but NetBSD seams using 3.3.6, is that the
> main problem so
> I need to install Xfree4 on for NetBSD?
> If, is that a problem to install? and when is NetBSD to include(if not
> already) Xfree 4.x
> if needed by the ATO board?

I am running the Xfree 4.x with the same card. For the most part it
works ok, but there is one really painful glitch. When you run the
xserver, it inverts the video on the other virtual terminals, using
grey and white as the colors. If you kill the xserver and rerun it, 
the virtual terminals are back to normal. Also, the screen saver in
X will affect all virtual terminals, not just the X window, so if it
times out on you, the only way to get the screen back on a virtual
terminal is to select the X windows terminal to wake it up again.

Other than the above, I don't think I've had any problems to speak
of with it. I just basically followed the directions to install it
after downloading the tar file. 

> thanks
> /michael
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Joseph Sarkes