Subject: ATI problems
To: None <>
From: Michael Laajanen <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 12/08/2000 15:04:46

I am a new NetBSD user and trying to setup NetBSD 1.5 on our machines
running Redhat 7.

The problem is the X setup (as always), Our card is ATI Rage PRO 128
which seams to need
a driver R128. PCI data is Vendor 1002 and device ID 5046 and according
to Linux kernel
driver source its a 
"	5046  Rage 128 PF
	1002 2000  Rage Fury MAXX AGP 4x (TMDS) (VGA device)
	1002 2001  Rage Fury MAXX AGP 4x (TMDS) (Extra device?!)"

The Redhat is using XFREE 4.x but NetBSD seams using 3.3.6, is that the
main problem so
I need to install Xfree4 on for NetBSD?

If, is that a problem to install? and when is NetBSD to include(if not
already) Xfree 4.x
if needed by the ATO board?



Michael Laajanen, HW Engineer
Reddo Networks AB
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